Practical Problems with Plus Addressing

Monday, March 2, 2009 at 3:31 PM
Plus addressing allows you to make aliases with your email account. happens to support plus addressing. If I wanted to sign up for a Gander Mountain newsletter, I might tell them my email address is and the email will still come to me (at Everything after the plus is ignored and comes to my mailbox, but I can filter emails based on the address I gave Gander Mountain. I can also see who is selling my information too.

Read more on plus addressing here.

The problems with plus address in the practical work are numerous.

They are great for sorting incoming mail and seeing who is selling your information (based on who it was sent to).

Those taking myself off a mailing list seems to pose problems when websites start filtering for the plus-sign.

It looks like the form filtered out the plus so it submitted the address " for removal.

Now how am I supposed to get off of people's email lists?