Friend Checker for Facebook

Wednesday, June 2, 2010 at 4:19 PM
Want to know you rejected your friend request or which friend disappeared from your friends list?

Check out this greesemonkey script!

First you need to use firefox for Facebook browsing
Second, you need to install this Firefox add-on
Lastly, install the script.

Then it'll grab a base line and tell you from there on out which of your friends disappeared from your friends list!

Check it out:

I found friends who deactivated their profile (because the script gives you a link to their profile) friends who have blocked me and rejected friend requests.

The one that blocked me, I viewed the profile from another Facebook account in another tab, switched back to my regular Facebook account while trying to send a friend request. Turns out Facebook knows better:

I even found a friend who deactivates her Facebook during the day, and turns it on my night. Funny!